Allardyce leaves Newcastle by “mutual agreement”

Sam Allardyce will not be the Newcastle manager for the Stoke City FA Cup replay after all — he has been given his cards; or rather, a “mutual agreement” has been reached, which ends his reign at the club.

Nigel Pearson, Newcastle’s first team coach, will take over for the away game against Manchester United. The cliché “baptism of fire” is so often used, but you’d struggle to find a more appropriate occasion to use it.




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2 responses to “Allardyce leaves Newcastle by “mutual agreement”

  1. Is it just me or is Newcastle being run like its a video game?

  2. Jamie Brown

    As a self-confessed Champ Man (Football Manager, but we all know it’s Champ Man really) addict, I like to think I run my teams far better than Newcastle. Good luck to Redknapp or Jol or whoever it may turn out to be, because if they’re not playing like Brazil in 5 minutes they’ll be going the same way.

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