Eduardo Leg Break: Pictures (WARNING)

Right, I’m going to warn you now. There’s a very good reason why the broadcasters won’t show the full detail of Eduardo’s leg-break.

I’ve managed to find a clip of the break (mainly to see how bad the tackle was and to satisfy my own sick sense of curiosity), and it’s clear to see why.

But, the effects need to be seen. Personally, I’m not sure whether Martin Taylor’s tackle warranted the gruesome, unfortunate outcome. To me, it looked like Eduardo over-ran the ball, tried to regain it, and Taylor caught him unintentionally.

Still, it was a poor tackle and while extreme, Eduardo will now act as a permanent example of what bad, careless tackling can do. Let this act as the one moment where the art of tackling came back. In fact, it shouldn’t even be an art – good tackling is a necessity.

If Eduardo comes back and plays football again, then anything is possible in the game. However, after Wenger’s bleak assessment, it looks likely that his career is in real, severe danger.

The video the images are taken from has since been taken down due to a copyright dispute. However, I hope the BBC show the tackle and provide prior warning this evening on Match of the Day.

Let something good come out of this ugly mess. Show it to kids, schoolboys and aspiring players. Let them know that this could be them if tackling isn’t improved, and let them know that their possible career, for all its conceivable riches and celebrity, could meet a sudden and awful end. This should act as the ultimate reality check.

Having witnessed David Busst’s leg break when he played for Coventry against Manchester United in 1996, I thought nothing could surpass the nauseating effect that possessed. Eduardo’s break is the worse kind of compound fracture imaginable.

If you’ve got a soft stomach then I would advise against looking at the images below, particularly the second image.

A dangerous, clinical, young striker’s career could well be over, and the outcome needs to be seen:



Thanks for all your comments. Needless to say, I’m absolutely staggered at the interest these pictures taken off a YouTube clip hastily taken down have caused. It seems that the power of blogging was fully realised and experienced with this, and we managed to be right on the ball. Unlike Martin Taylor…

Anyway, most of the comments on here have been considered and well expressed, which is excellent. But I’m going to close the ability to leave comments on this for now since it’s taking quite a bit of time to moderate and edit some of them. However, if you have any particular views, then why not send an email? Who knows, I may even put it up here…

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141 responses to “Eduardo Leg Break: Pictures (WARNING)

  1. Antony Dempster

    Im a arsenal fan after seeing other pictures martin taylor has 2 feet off the ground. Pictures dont lie this man was out to do damage and did just that. Eduardo is only 24 years of age it be such a shame if hes career is over due to one idiot. If taylor wants to be the hard man doing kung fu kicks i recommend he goes in cage rage and see how long he lasts. Wengers 100% right ban him for life. One career for anothers

  2. lea

    omg… poor eduardo… i hope he will get better soon… i cant belive it… mislim da nećemo dalje na euru… ipak, nema nam dudua. grozno… kud baš on… :((

  3. Oh my gosh. That hurts me just lookng at it.

  4. That looks incredibly messy. I feel for the poor guy.

  5. Danny

    Taylor is an idiot… I sincerely hope Eduardos career is not at an end, but his foot is nearly right off – I’d like to hear Taylors comments on this..

  6. Peter Weur

    That really sucks for Eduardo, he did everything he could to get Croatia into Euro 2008 and now he cant play with them. In the second pic you can clearly see the bone comeing through his sock…not nice

  7. aaron

    thanks for sharing david. in my opinion it was not only dangerous and careless but at least somewhat malicious as well – you dont go in on a challenge like that, studs first with that much pressure down, without having some sort of intent. lets hope eduardo will recover..

  8. Sean

    i hope eduardo returns and shows he is gonna be a great playe. Taylor should never be allowed to play again he is an idiot the ball was over run and the tackle was not needed.

  9. Michelle

    I feel so sorry for him !! Arsenal should’ve won that match !! But they didn’t..because everyone was so shaken by that injury !! =[
    Hope his leg mends soon as. xox

  10. viper_hammer

    I play sunday league football. A few months ago a guy on the other team slid into one of our players. Unfortunately HE got caught and wound up with a broken shin. Unfortunately, these things happen.

  11. Stevie

    Bad,bad injury,lets hope not career threatening.All the best to Eduardo.Come on The Arsenal..lets win title for Eddy..was robbed today by bad decision on pen,but still 3pts clear!Havent seen tackle yet,so cant slag off taylor..yet! P.s Liverpudlian..u wouldnt be laughing if that was gerrard..only one word for you…!

  12. Fucking stupid defender, Get better soon Eduardo..

  13. JJ Boyce

    there was nothing wrong with the challenge. it was an unfortunate ending to the challenge and an unfortunate end to eduardo’s career.

    there is no way anyone could come back from that and be premiership material the foot is hanging off.

    i wish him well but not arsenal


  14. Vish

    Horrific!!! No wonder they didn’t show the replay. I hope Eduardo recovers and is able to play again. Taylor had no business making such a reckless tackle that too 2 mins into the game. Even though it might sound a harsh call, Taylor deserves it. And liverpudlian you are a sick person.

  15. Birmingham 2 i die

    Poor Taylor didn’t mean that!

  16. Pecker

    Bobby you’re the Nobby. The challenge was a disgrace. The intent was there for all to see. Pure Cowardice.

  17. jake

    unfortunate for eduardo
    owen all over agen
    that picture makes me think about the way u shud go into tackles so u r write bcos i am 13

  18. Dee/Smiffy

    Horrific challege on a promising young player. Its a dissater … noone in the world deserves something like that to happen to them. Even as a SPURS fan i really and truely hope Eduardo is back playing for ARSENAL. He is very talented and as a football player with a serious injury myself, i know how heartbreaking it can be !!

    Smiffy (On Behalf Of Dee xx)

  19. Matt

    I was at the game and not too far from the incident. There was no way at all there was any intent from Martin Taylor. He is one of the most undirty players in football.
    Sadly, this was a freak accident from a clumsy challenge and was not worthy of a red card.
    Get well soon Eduardo.

  20. Dom Lad

    Awful, as it looked like he was just coming good for arsenal, similar to Cisse’s leg break except this seems to be worse as it has been induced by a massive force from Taylor.

    You’ll never walk alone Eduardo, I hope to see you play again soon.

  21. jake

    that was disgusting i cb hw bad tht was and he should be sacked by his own club
    Red card has been given like a break detention at school he should wel i dont know what 2 say but im shoked

  22. i feel sick lookin at it

  23. jack london

    cant find video footage yet, but we’ll see what MOTD comes up with.I’ve seen the pics, if its a clumsy tackle then its extremelly bad luck. If the guy meant any malice then he,s got to be banned.Didnt Roy Keane teach us anything?

  24. superstar

    Why is this man not being criminally prosecuted? This is GBH. He has deliberately broken a talented young footballers leg. In any other circumstance he would be looking at 5 years inside.
    Of course he should receive a lifetime ban but he should go to prison too. Alex McLeish sent his players out to physically attack the Arsenal team and he should be punished too. This is violence, not football. These men are criminals.

  25. steve220

    I’ve looked at the pictures and like most normal ppl (other than the couple of senseless comments above) am devastated for the poor guy.
    If he even walks unaided let alone returns to playing it will be a feat of medical brilliance.
    Football aside i think ppl should actually think about how Eduardo the person will come back from such a horrific injury.
    Best wishes to him and a thought for Taylor who has to live with the consequence also.

  26. colin

    Surprised Wenger saw it.Hope Eduardo returns to full fitness.Dont think Taylor meant it,99%of allplayers never mean to harm another player.Wengers comments are disgraceful………………………………

  27. ray

    Go away Colin
    How can anyone say wengers comments are discraceful… Its a game and should be played in a manner that does not threaten a talented players career and life… Taylor is obviously lacking talent when (if he supposedly didnt intend) tackles like that. Ban all players from the sport that cannot control their actions they dont belong on the same field of play…

  28. jake

    oh i am a season ticket holder at sunderland and live in doncaster i whent 2 pompey 2day and saw it in the pub nd yes it wasnt malishis as keanos but when u commit a crime u have to do the time im afraid and the problem is, is that my friends at school thinks its fine 2 do tht if you get the ball but no its shocking and a young mans future was in that 3 seconds of madness get well soon eduardo

  29. Good Luck Eduardo

    i do think you arsenal faqns are a bit of a joke sometimes, the tackle had no intent, i knew “tiny” from his rovers days and he is anything but dirty, no player in the premier league would ever intentially break somebodys leg to end their career.

    Arsene Wenger seems to become more of a tit every time he opens his mouth, a man in his position should think wisely before talking to the press. his one sided views are wrong 99% of the time and Martin Taylor did not do this deliberately, Wenger should come out and apologise.

    However I think its just very unfortunate and wish the lad good luck in his recovery, hes clinical and a great talent.

  30. David

    I’m a Manu fan, but hope this isn’t a career ending injury. Here’s to a speedy recovery

  31. Chris

    it was a 2 guys going for the ball. Either Taylor is some kind of super fast machine or it was a total freak accident.

    Shit happens. Hope the guy recovers 100% but don’t start doing a “Poor Arsenal” routine.

  32. jack london

    Colin.Keane has admitted that tackle, and that he meant it. You must agree that these idiots must not be in the game. or i’m moving abroad for a hospital free saturday night.

  33. paul

    Was a shocking tackle physically sick looking at that shows to stop arsenal u have to kick arsenal typical coward agree with wenger ban him for life!

    all the best eddy we will sing you at the emirates get well soon buddy

  34. not arsenal fan

    I personally am not a fan of arsenal, however its really sad to see something like that happen, i dont think that tackle was mallicious and i just hope that eduardo does recover. However the early signs and pictures dont look good.

    I think that everybody should hope that he does recover because speeking from a non bias point of view i hope he does.

    I want to wish eduardo the best of luck with his recovery and i hope that he does mannage to play again as so far this season he has proved to be a great tallent.

  35. jack london

    if you still know “tiny”, any chance of giving him a call and getting him to put his story across? MOTD now ,so catch you all in half hour

  36. jake

    arsenals reaction on motd says it all

  37. jack london

    yes jake, just watched it, and to all those who think its part of the game\?? think how your life would be like at 24 with one foot.

  38. Andy Manchester

    Come on Arsenal fans, do you really think he went into that tackle with the intent to break his leg??

    for gods sake, think before some of you comment!

    Wenger’s comments, were VERY HARSH!!

    Get well soon Eduardo x

  39. Good Luck Eduardo

    well done wenger for retracting the statement

  40. dan towey

    It was a horrific challenge and the pictures are near-disturbing. However i think wengers words that “Taylor should never play football again” are a bit to far. He definitly didnt mean it and you cant say that his studs were facing. How can you do a front on challenge without pointing your studs. Think about it.
    I just hope he is ok. He’s young and he has alot to give and lets hope he makes a reasonably quick recovery.

  41. jack london

    i,m at the villa match next sat, if anyone wants a meet in the tavern. lets sing he,s name, meet at 1.30 in the in the pub. The Arsenal tavern, Blackstock rd.

  42. jake

    anyone think he will ever play again?

  43. jake

    oh yes and why was gallas crying?

  44. dan towey

    Match of the day was rough. His ankle sort of snapped off. disgusting.

  45. jack london

    Andy,up noorth!
    thanks for your unbiased comment.
    cheers mate, and i hope you make europe!!!

  46. Gibbsy

    MOTD show a clear relpy with good warning, but its hard to watch. I play competitive football every weekend and i have to say that i will probably be a little more cautious about goin into tackles like that. Hope Eduardo makes a full recovery but from an injury like that it wont be easy. Good Luck!!

  47. nini

    i couldnt resist an looked it up on you tube…
    didnt realise how bad it was!! poor fella hope he is going to be ok,
    from a concerned liverpudlian

  48. sk

    Just seen tackle on motd and it was horrific, poor bloke. Don’t think Taylor meant it, just too slow.

    What about wenger, what a prick!! Glad he issued an apology. A bloke with a supposed brain, just typical arsenal really. Still thoughts with the lad.

  49. jake

    ronaldo is bloody good tho and im a liverpool fan

  50. Owen

    I’m a life long spurs supporter but when you see something like that you realise rivalries are not important. I feel really really sorry for eduardo and hope his career isn’t over . all the best to him .

  51. Good Luck Eduardo

    i think i speak for most people on this forum when i say i hope newcastle go down haha

  52. jake

    you speak 4 me GLE hahahahahaha

  53. jake

    kuyt bad ……………realy bad
    im an lfc fan by the way

  54. jake

    and torres is the best

  55. vicki

    What’s with MOTD?

    Arsne retracted his comments, admitting he was harsh. But MOTD can’t be arsed to inform us of that.

    They then go on (and on) about how the team is cracking under pressure. An expert assessment based on what? Two games?

    I’m surprised they even admit any concern for Eduardo.

    That said- it was tragic. I really don’t think it was intentional. Doesn’t help Eduardo any.

    Hang in there, Gunners

    They did actually issue the statement on Match of the Day as well – David.

  56. jake

    easy goal :D:D:D

  57. Good Luck Eduardo

    im a rovers fan, kuyt was one of the worst players ive seen in a long time at ewood this season, torres is in a league of his own, just below ronaldo’s league.

  58. jake

    do you think both mascherano and alliadeiere should have been sent off?

  59. Good Luck Eduardo

    rulebook says yes, but common sense should of seen them both stay on the pitch.

  60. jake

    thats what i thought and despite the fact im a liverpool fan mascherano wound him up in particular south american fashion

  61. Sam

    Have just seen the tackle on MOTD, it is awful for Eduardo but watching the video it was clear there was no malicious intent, it looked a bit clumsy more than anything … Martin Taylor is known as the gentle giant in Birmingham and really wouldn’t intentially go out to hurt another player. Lets hope he has a speedy recovery, and lots of luck.

  62. jake

    GLE what is your email address? because i wouldnt mind discussing future football matters with you.

  63. DBMCFC

    Good luck to Eduardo, with any luck you will be able to come back from this injury.

    And well done to Wenger for retracting his comments, obviously he realised they were idiotic. It was a bad challenge, but an accident. Eduardo flicked the ball away at the last minute, and it was too good a move for the defender. 99 times out of 100, it would of just left Taylor looking stupid. But unfortunately this was the one time with the tragic consequences.

  64. lee rugeley

    as a amateur player i had leg break similar 2 poor eddy, put me out for 5 years and 4 operations later i struggle to walk sumdays. hope the lad makes a good recovery but i think the end of his career happened 2day. sad day for football!!!!!

  65. Darren

    I beg to differ

    He should be criminally charged if the intent is proven.

  66. huddersryan

    bad badbreak but he will be back, if we had to go to the nhs then you may as well cut it off,,,,, there is so much money in this game he went direct to hospital without it being moved and you can bet your arse he will work with the best money can buy to fix it,,,,, long time but i bet he is back at 24 bone still knits back together quite well

    the question is will he ever have the balls to go back into any kind of tackle after being on the end of that

  67. Arthur the Gonner

    Dudu’s career is over he went emergency surgery at the hospital I believe to put things right on his leg have just announced it.

    Saying his career is over that came from personally I dont see him walking any time soon this was a bad challange mistimed also he jumped at his full stretched left leg, he knew what he was doing and any kind of justification here for him is an absurd a coward english excuse to the fucking wrold! You lot wouldn’t be speaking the same way if it happened to Shrek or Owen or Tery or Gerrard!

    Sad people those english are really!!!

    He should be banned and I will take my influence to do so!

  68. RobbieRasta

    You will come back as a player once again!

    Be strong in your mind, heart, life, sense of purpose, belief, and football will be your joy once again!

    Moss-Side RedManc

  69. DBMCFC

    Darren, that proves what exactly. A picture takes a millisecond to take, so you saying that is almost as idiotic as Wengers original comments. At least he has got the sense to reflect on it.

    And Arthur get off the ‘the world is against us’ Bandwagon you racist pillock. What has being English got anything to do with being able to see through you blinkered loyalty to your club, and seeing that it was a tragic accident.

  70. EDUARDO #9

    i watched the full game on sky, and the view was not clear,but my heart nearly sank when i saw cesc,s face look down, i actually live right outside the hospital (selly oak) he was taken too and there was such a weird atmosphere icouldn’t describe, everyone came out onto there doorsteps shaking, including me.oh by the way, selly oak hospital is at least half an hours way from the ground,i really cant imagine what went through his mind in that ambulance ,i bet it felt like a lifetime. i feel really hesetant about even playing football at the mo. I REALLY HOPE I CAN WATCH YOU PLAY AGAIN

  71. Fan 4 Life

    Arthur the gooner

    Your comments are absurd and clearly those of misinformed idiots. Anyone who has played the game knows it was a bad and mistimed tackle and nothing more. In fact if you slow the clip down you can see that when he made his initial move for the ball he would have made contact – but Eduardo had already moved to flick the ball on, Taylor’s momentum meant he couldn’t stop – as MOTD said and Wenger later agreed.

    Its sickening to see and if he every plays again I will be amazed – hopefully someone like Cisse will take the time out to see him. On another note Gallas was shocking as captain and role model.

    Hope he recovers soon.

  72. God that must hurt. That was a dirty tackle. Hope he gets better soon.


  73. jingen

    I’m a Manchester United fan, but in my humble opinion Eduardo doesn’t deserve this kind of injury. He’s young, immensely talented, and doesn’t seem to have an inflated ego. Let’s all pray for a speedy recovery and reinstatement in training for Eduardo.
    As for Martin Taylor, he’s got the red card and an automatic three-match ban. Personally, I think he should be fined heavily along with these. Paying for Eduardo’s medical bills would be a feasible idea.

  74. big mick

    just show us the footage so we can make up our own minds

    It’s not as easy as that, Big Mick. On YouTube, there are currently only stills reels available, and Sky won’t show the incident at all. The BBC did a good job this evening by showing it in all its harrowing detail on Match of the Day, allowing people to make their own opinion. But I doubt they will again come the repeat tomorrow morning, with enthusiastic football loving kids getting up to watch… – David

  75. Addy

    This is the consequence of Premiership Referees allowing players to get away with malicious challenges.

    I hope Eduardo recovers well from this injury against all odds and comes back.God bless you Dudu.

  76. Sunny

    I am a Liverpool fan, nd i felt the same when Cisse broke his leg twice… I just hope Eduardo is lucky like Cisse and continue his carrer. Get well soon m8.

  77. Colin

    why is everyone acting like this is the worst thing in sporting history?
    football is a CONTACT sport, every player is fully aware of this before they sign a contract, or even have a kick around in the park on a sunday afternoon with their mates. If they are not prepared to take the risks, then dont, i’ve never seen a chess or snooker player suffer an injury, play that instead if you don’t want to take a risk.
    Yes i agree its unfortunate, and dont get me wrong here, its gut wrenching to see that happen to anyone, (i was there) but it’s just a break, he hasn’t lost his leg and it will heal. He will spend the next six months lying on a beach in the Bahamas watching £50,000 + a week rolling into his bank account, i could think of worse things. He will be back, he will be fine, bones break, bones heal..

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  79. neil

    hope eduardo gets well soon. also feel sorry for taylor, clearly didnt mean it and could happen to anyone!

  80. lauren

    Watched MOTD this morning and the tackle was not shown again after last night. clearly too disturbing for tv at 8am! dont think it was really intentional but anyone going in studs up needs to learn about tackling a little more.
    We are all behaind Eduardo!

  81. Dean

    It wasn’t taylors fault he went for the ball

    I was near sick when i saw eduardos leg though, half his foot like ripped out

  82. Pradana Angga

    I’m Liverpool’s fan. I felt sad to eduardo. That’s a foolish tackling from taylor. I was very afraid when I watched this tackle.
    I hope that the Arsenal’s medical team, hurry up to heal eduardo. For eduardo, get well soon. For Arsene Wenger, give support to eduardo.Okey thanks…
    For taylor… dont replay it again…!!!

  83. liam 89

    the thing with the challenge was that it was just missed timed, u can’t just say that he is scum these men are pro players, eduardo was just to quick for him, no player would every want to do that to another pro player.
    he did’nt hav 2 feet off the gound ever he just missed timed it.
    if u look at his ankle he is not wear ankle protectors im not saying that it would of made a difference but it maybe would of keep his foot together. u also can’t say ban him for life, did people call for roy keane to be banned after his clearly intentional revenge challenge on that scandinavian bloke

  84. whizzo

    Appalling injury, no player should sustain. However before Wenger etc start preaching, perhaps he should review the reckless lunge by Flamini towards Nani, the previous week. Had Nani not leapt over the knee high two footed challenge, a similar outcome seems likely. I accept this is purely hypothetical, but would Wenger be as outraged in that event?
    I think not.

  85. James

    I feel for the guy, and Taylor should have a heavier punishment, but how can Arsene Wenger come out and say the things he did!? Has he forgot he that at the same time a week previous he was manager of a football team that were kicking players just because they were losing?

  86. Ollie

    Shit Happens…At £50,000 per week he can afford to get the best care.
    If he played rugby, he would be back next week.
    Sympathy goes out to him but thats the name of the game.

  87. Smithers

    Nasty, horrific injury, wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But put it in perspective it was an accident and a hazard of the game. All this about banning the player for life is toss. Eduardo will live and won’t go skint.
    Some sports you can wind up dead FFS

  88. Jonny

    Ah come on people yes it was a bad challenge and taylor will probably get a few week lay off for it but there was no malice in the challenge it was probably just a rush to the head cause eduardo was comin at him at speed an these decisions are mili-seconds apart.the lad feels terrible for him

  89. Danny Holt

    I think it was a total accident BUT why slide tackle someone straight on like that!! obviously very very dangerous!!! I hate arsenal but i wish eduardo all the best and hope he can kick a ball again and as for taylor he is to blame BUT it was definatly an accident

  90. Luke

    As a Sunderland fan, I can see the tackle from Arsenal’s (and Eduardo’s) point of view. But I can also see the tackle from Birmingham’s point of view. Taylor was just trying to do his job as a defender – if Eduardo hadn’t taken the ball away from him, Eduardo may have been able to get up from the tackle and continue the game. However, I seriously hope that Taylor apologises, even though he may think he was only trying to win the ball. Eduardo was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. As for these idiots that think Taylor should be put in jailed and banned from football – well, it’s a load of sodding nonsense! He got the red card, and the three match ban, and I think that he will feel crap for the rest of his life. I have seen players TRY to perform worse tackles, with intent, and not get a card! Taylor was simply trying to get the ball.
    As for Eduardo, I wish him the best of luck in his recovery, and sincerely hope that the injury he suffered was not career-threatening.
    Luke from Durham

  91. Zone720

    Ouch. *remembers SuperBowl* 😕

  92. fraser

    heard yesterday about his leg break and what a disgrace taylor is after seeing these pictures! wenger was not wrong in his comments,he simply should never play football again. no excuse for a two footed tackle

  93. Adam

    i think u lot are being a bit harsh or taylor. Fair enough it wasn’t an amazing tackle but i don’t think he would do it on purpose and if any player does something like that on purpose then they should definately be banned form playing football.
    Also get well soon Eduardo. Can’t wait to see u back in the prem and I a Liverpool fan

  94. Leo27

    I agree with the break being a bad 1 but lets look at things more clearly and not through media comments and slow motion pictures shown on TV?

    How oftern this season have players been sent off for tackles much more dangerous and wild than this, Kuyt in the merseyside derby he was 4ft of the floor with 2 feet in the air and only got a yellow??Bad tackles they happen every week and players are lucky to get away with some of there wreckless tackles.

    Moreover this was not a bad tackle in the sense that it was not 2 footed he was not flying through the air like superman and you could even say it was a 50/50 tackle with the quicker player getting there 1st and coming off worst?

    Before ppl get on there soap box and start shouting what a fool I am then you need to have played the game? If you go in for a tackle then you need to ensure you win the tackle and not the man! but think about this when your sliding on your ass, you cant put on the brakes and stop infront of the opposition you cant swerve out the way of his ankles legs etc CAN YOU?

    AND 8 years ago i was tackled in a match in a very simaler way, but lucky for me I only broke my ankle and ligaments and was in plaster 7 weeks plus in rehab once a week for another 5-6 weeks-lucky me.

    On the ref, if you look at the replay the ref did not seem to react to much to the tackle he just blew for a free kick then when he seen the reaction of the players he decided to give the red card this was poor referring in my view but we see this every week?

    I dont think Taylor went in to hurt Edaurdo unlike Roy keane all the years ago?!

    Good luck to the lad and i hope he makes a full recovery unlike David Boost of Coventry!

  95. Liam T

    I admit the outcome of Taylor’s challenge was shocking but you see those type of challenges nearly every week in the Premier League just without the same outcome. Taylor obviously never meant for that to happen and I can’t believe that people are saying he should be banned for life. It was just an accident people.

  96. Its a terrible injury, very unfortunate. People need to stay off the bandwagon on this one though. Football is all but a non-contact sport as it is these days and over-crying about these unfortunate events will only do more damage. In years gone these tackles were all part of the game and managers used to single out players to be “taken out”, its not to say I agree with this kind of thing but lets take this event for what it is; An unfortunate event. I dont believe it was intentional or particularly a bad tackle, remember that the boots and the turf all play a part too and the fact that the pitches seem to be absolutely soaked in water to make the game “quicker”, it all plays a part too. Get well soon Eduardo, I hope we see him play again, with treatments on offer today it is entirely likely, many players have broke legs and come back almost the same and at his age he’s every chance.


  97. eduardo is a class player but afterall its a game of soccer and thats the way life goes but hopefully he will be back he is young

  98. Steven M

    I am a Chelsea fan and although i dont like arsenal i hope eduardo is back soon and the injury is not as bad as it looks, but i agree with alex mcleish . taylor did not mean to hurt eduardo the way he did, eduardo was to quick for him.

  99. Mike

    a liverpool fan sending my best wishes to eduardo, hope he makes a quick and full recovery.. unfortunately these things happen in football now and again. i really hope for the guy its not half as bad as it looks..


  100. DBMCFC

    Frazer, obviously you haven’t seen it. Or you are just a complete idiot who can’t think for himself and is jumping on a bandwagon

  101. ae218

    taylor is just a big clumsy oaf eduardo was just to quick for him I was there the day that keane got alfie that was intentional best of luck to eduardo miracles of modern medicine will mend him .MOT

  102. dee-em

    the tackle was definately NOT meant, it was a freak accident and happens a lot more in football, only amatwur football does not get media coverage!!!.
    Taylor did not mean it, and im sure will be feeling bad enough without rival supporters trying to make it worse !!
    Feel so sorry for eduardo and it is truly horrific, Get well soon !

  103. Surely he’s out for about two seasons now.

    I wonder if the FA will take further action against Taylor, although the tackle didn’t look so bad in real time at first, only when the still images were released did it look a bit hardcore.

  104. Sweet potato fries. I’ve got a pretty high tolerance for these sort of images (crime scene and childbirth photos, however, unnerve me). I think the first picture was more unsettling and evoked a stronger “dayam” response from me. Oddly enough?

    Is the second image supposed to be more startling?

    Hmm, I guess it was supposed to be, yeah. I think it shows the savage extent of Eduardo’s break, and the battle he has on his hands to recover and resume playing. You were warned! 😉 – David

  105. feliiiii

    Damn. I hope the dude still can play football after this.

  106. The shot of Taylor sitting, smiling at Eduardo right after the leg break was disturbing IMO. I uploaded it, here

  107. Luke

    Look guys, I know it was a horrific injury, and may see Eduardo out of the game for the rest of his life, but I think it has been blown out of proportion! Leo27 (above) ^ added to my earlier point, reminding us that tackles of worse stature, but not as bad consequences, have been seen all throuought the season! Taylor was doing his job, trying to win the ball, and personally think there was no malacious intent by the defender. Eduardo was simply to quick for him, and it was too late for Taylor to even be THINKING about pulling out of the challenge! Not even Ronaldo’s quick feet could have avoided the collision. Also, to add to someone’s earlier point, Gallas had no right whatsoever to be storming off the pitch and what have you when Birmingham were awarded (and scored) their last minute penalty! He is given the captain’s armband for a reason – to set a good example to the other players – not to storm off like a 3 year old when a decision (and, in this case, a result) goes against a team… I am a Sunderland fan, so I know all about injustice in games, such as the controversially late goal against Villa, and the late defeat against Reading. This is all just life, so Gallas, forget about it! The ref made the decision, and you’ll only get into trouble for protesting and running off! Luke, SAFC Fan

  108. Luke

    If anyone wants my e-mail to discuss further fotballing matters, feel free to ask 😉

  109. I have the video clip on my site but I cannot agree with those who assert that Taylor had malicious intent. A clumsy tackle which resulted in a terrible injury – nothing more!

  110. taylor didnt mean that tackle to happen these things happen in football flamini is an idiot if eduardo’s season is over its over ye am a birmingham fan and we deserved the piont we fort well taylor dint have 2 feet off the ground he shunt of gt sent off maybe a yellow ye but not a red arsen wenger always has summink to moan at toure did a bad challange couple weeks back but he said he didnt see it wenger is an idiot the hole arsenal team are idiots arsenal will now think they shunt get cocky or summink will hapen like this again man utd 2 win the league this injury will dent arsenals chance of winning the league now i am backin taylor 110% cum on you blue boys ..KRO..

  111. pippa

    im sorry to see such a horrific injury to a yong player who has so much potential and talent…. but i dont think you can say such things about banning taylor from football! its clear to see that it wasnt a malice and deliberate tackle eduardo was just too quick for him, if taylor meant it he would of jumped in and really gone for it, he came from standing to make the tackle, he didnt run at full speed into it! yes it was a disgraceful tackle ad he deserved the red card but that is it….. its a risk you take when playing a contact sport whether thats rugby or football. obviously its a horrendous sight to see something so bad happen but footballers break their legs every weekend in sunday leaugue football, eduardo has it good he has the best physios and consultants behind him and he will be back im sure look at smith and cisse and larsson. give taylor a break it clearly wasnt any intent and as for arsene hes a knob! saying that the only way to beat arsenal is to kick arsenal thats ridiculous, his players have made appaling challenges that were lucky not to cause the same damage, his players have made more challenges with more intent – look at gallas on nani last weekend that kick out was dispicable. yes it was a bad tackle but it happens, taylor should be given a break, there was no intent to hurt eduardo and arsene needs to get out of england the french t!*?.

  112. Matt

    I done the same injury playing rugby, i personaly believe i have been amazingly lucky, as i was able to play again the following season, i hope the eduardo gets better soon, being an arsenal fan i agree with the majority, not mallicious just unfortunate, my own team mate broke mine, i hope he wasn’t being mallicious!

  113. Jem

    Even as a spurs fan after seeing those horrific pictures I feel Taylor should be banned for life for ending a brilliant players career.

  114. Richard

    I’m no medical expert, but it seems too early to write off his career. We’ve seen similarly bad breaks being repaired (Alan Smith for example). The break looks to be low down the leg, which wasn’t the case with Busst and Nilis, so there may not be complications with calf muscles. The worst complication seems to be if it is not a clean break, and also the chances of the ankle being broken, which at it’s worst is not necessarily career threatening.

  115. liam

    i watched the game yesterday and saw the tackle on Eduardo and it was clear to all that the the sheer skill and pace just had taylor. it wasnt ment to hurt any1 just a miss-times tackle that had a bad outcome for all involved. taylor should be suspended and that should be the end of it. there are tackles like that week in week out but never with a accident like what happend. if you say 1 player should be banned then you would have to ban half the players in the league as everyone tackles like that now.

  116. Sati

    Its not about malicious intent

    Tackles that can cause this kind of damage should not be tolerated. Winning the ball against finishing somebodys career is not a balance.

    Taylor should be allowed to carry on but definately made aware of his mistake. I am amazed there is not apology from him in the media. In addition youngsters should be educated on tackling

  117. Ravi

    to be honest, you could say that that is full of intent, but if he did it with intent, 3 mins into the match then something must have happened off pitch, but i believe that he done it unintentionally purely because he never gets sent off and people have a rash challenge once in a while, but as an Arsenal fan i think that he should get a prelonged game, about 10 or so games, just to even it out a little and bring him justice.

    Get well Soon and be back to your best soon

  118. Seb

    Dear Antony Dempster
    You will find he only has 2 feet off the ground when his legs are IN after the enicial slide. After you slide, when you start to stop, you brind your legs in to your body usually. You can see from the first picture, he goes in 1 footed.
    Bad mis-timed tackle = yes
    Bad two footed attack = no

  119. I saw the pictures and I was, and still am, horrified! How can someone get away with just a sending off when they’ve potentially ruined a fantastic players’ career, the Birmingham player should be banned for life and ashamed of himself, clearly he is vicious and has no respect for the game. And I’m not even an Arsenal supporter.

  120. Here is an update on Eduardo via the telegraph in uk. He’s been moved to a hospital in London:

  121. Eduardos leg break was a big smash 2 the arsenal team he was just getting in 2 the english game and will b missed big time by arsenal and every fan. I am a big time gooner and had big time dreams of Eduardo becoming a top class arsenal player and will b truely missed by every 1 in the football league.

  122. MattHxC

    I’m a school child of 14 and c’mon that aint a nice thing to see.
    I’m an arsenal fan
    and can’t believe some of these people have the cheek to turn around and say such like ” he deserved it” or some comments of arsenal fans was harsh.
    lets say..
    that happened to your son on a sunday league.
    your telling me you’d say well hey, thats okay..

    HELL NO, you wouldn’t ..

    just think
    it’s football, and you wouldn’t like if that happened to you.
    you wouldn’t say to the other person; ” ahh better luck next time tackling me ” when you gotta have a operation maybe pins. and your leg poking through your skin..

    No, stupid Man utd fans, think your god’s gift, well to be honest don’t say this about arsenal cause c’mon if this happened to Ronaldo, you’d be going crazy and allegating the other team / trying to get something out of it.

    so don’t say Wenger is out of order to be allegating what he has..

    Thank you..
    get well soon eduardo
    Matt HxC

  123. Louis

    I have played football for leisure most of my life and you can avoid making tackles like that if you want too. This guy has put all his force into stopping this guy from getting past him, he has shown no restraint, the pictures show that he has aimed for his leg and caught his leg, he hasn’t gone for the ball at all, because the ball is not in any of these pictures. Now whether this guy is the nicest person of the field or not, that is irrelavant, he has snapped this guys leg in two, now that takes some doing and accidents like that do not happen without some sort of intent.

  124. Rob

    I’m a chelsea fan but i hope Eduardo makes a full recovery.
    I do not think Taylor intentionally went out to injure Eduardo but it was a horrible tackle.

  125. SKAKI

    For those with comments on taylors defence. I may understand it might not have been intensional but, u just cant jump into tackles like that, especially playing in one of the top leages in the world. When i play my self in a game and see spastics jumping in stupidly in tacles it gives me the #uckin shits, and thats with our pub team, where there are dummies playing. (it shouldnt be tolerated at top level)……!!!!!
    Eduardo, youv made me an arsenal fan, Hope you get well, and im glad to read about you saying you want to do all you can to be BACK!

  126. megsnotebook

    I’m sure there was no malicious intent in Taylor’s tackle, but that isn’t the point here, is it?! It was a plunge, studs first, with enough power to nearly, completely, rip Eduardo’s foot off. Supreme idiocy and horrific lack of judgement, malicious or not, should be harshly punished: a one year suspension would be a nice start. Now, while we pride ourselves on playing a hearty game let’s not be stupid and confuse a solid tackle with sheer goonery. You realize, Taylor’s career would be over in any other “established” European league, there’s really no reason to make excuses for those who simply can’t play football.
    (Please, no replies from morons, adolescents, inbreds, the intellectually bankrupt, fools, imbeciles, Scots, and those from the City of Manchester)

  127. Haitch - Arsenal supporter are also reporting that Taylor spoke with Wenger in the tunnel afterwards, tried to visit Eduardo on the evening but he was in surgery, but did in fact redturn to the hospital to see him before he was transferred to a London hospital.

    My immediate thoughts are obviously with Eduardo at this time, such a horrific injury, it echoes of that of Cisse.
    Ive read Eduardo’s words on the official site & it is good to hear of his determination, also rumour has it that the bone didnt ‘fragment’ which is a good sign. Clearly im more concerned about Eduardo than when he will be back playing for Arsenal, but his is such a shame, and id like to take the opportunity to say thankyou to opposition supporters who have wished Eduardo well. Kudos to you, its nice to see some rivalries set aside by certain individuals in light of yesterdays events.

    For the record, im not anti-Taylor, yes it was a bad challenge, but i do not think he went in for it intentionally intending to hurt Eduardo. Accidents happen….sadly.

  128. Roger Painter

    I am a Manchester United fan living in Chester. I still can not believe that people are continuing to try to defend Taylor! Whether the guy intended to hurt Eduardo or not is completely irrelevant to the matter.

    The fact is that he has destroyed another players leg by his reckless and ill-performed tackle which, as any sane human being would know, was extremely risky.

    The English FA can not continue to condone the hard-man approach while, ironically, countries like Croatia and Russia are outplaying us for skill and creativity and knocking England out of major tournaments. The FA needs to wake up and use this unfortunate event to teach the kids at grass-roots level that you will not get away with play like this.

    As someone hinted at before, I maintain that if Wayne Rooney had been injured in this manner by any other premier league player, there would be no question of the player being banned for a lengthy period. Get well soon Eduardo.

  129. Addy

    All this bull about Taylor not doing it on purpose is stupid and misinformed. It DOESN’T matter if he didn’t do it on purpose.It was a relatively high tackle and a badly mistimed one. It potentially ended a players career.

    I’ll draw a simple analogy here. If I were recklessly driving a car out on the road , hitting someone in the process and putting him/her out of action for 6 months.Doesn’t matter if i didn’t MEAN to do it. I am still responsible for it. The theory “Its a contact sport ” and “these things happen” is typical of the violent and uncultured style of football played by the local “english” players. Its no surprise that England have won sod all in World football recently. Its obvious , when you consider Butchers like Taylor play in the league who are miserable excuses for footballers.
    I would suggest al the foreigners to go back and play in the Primera Liga or Calcio. Let the butchers play in England and break each other apart , part by part.

  130. Joe

    poor fella like people. good player, im a liverpool fan and i seen this match like it puts me off when im playn football for my club seeing this, football is good and bad but hey taylor went and said sorry and thats heart for a fella like.

    edurado is back as he said, strong and quick recovery so hope the best for him
    anyone agree?

  131. SKAKI

    It wasnt like they were running along side one another and he went in for the tackle, they were running at each other……..pretty careless i reckon

  132. puellaz

    Too bad…. 😦

  133. Spurs Fan

    I think whether you play football or even just follow it, these sort of tackles are always uncalled for….

    It was high, studs first and reckless and I hope Eduardo makes a speedy recovery.

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