Eduardo leg break: Wenger retracts Taylor comments

“It was a highly emotional afternoon and we were all shocked by the injury to Eduardo,” he said. “On reflection, I feel that my comments about Martin Taylor were excessive. I said what I did immediately after the game, in the heat of the moment.”




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12 responses to “Eduardo leg break: Wenger retracts Taylor comments

  1. aaron

    im a man united fan, i hate arsenal but no matter what, no player deserves a broken leg. i feel very sorry for the lad, me bein injured i no hw heartbreaking it can be. taylor well u hav to feel for him aswell, he is getn bad comments which is bound to have made him upset. i seriously hope the boys alright

  2. philip

    Am a liverpool fan,i will like to say a big sorry to Arsenal fans and To Eduardo.
    I hope he get off that injury on time because he still have greater height to attain.

  3. First of all I will say let’s all wish Eduardo a speedy recovery.

    I’ve never been much of a Wenger fan and thought he was wrong to make his initial comments about Taylor. I think it is great that he has now retracted the comments and he should be praised for doing so, he has gone up in my estimations.

  4. I’m a Manchester United fan. I’m sorry for Eduardo’s injury & all Arsenal fans. I sincerely hope the kid can play football again, he’s a great talent. Hope all is well.

  5. Mike

    Wenger shouldn’t have retracted his statement. Teams like birmingham, west ham, bolton, blackburn are always doing this too arsenal because they are simply not on our level and the only to stop us is to take us out.
    What did Alex Mcleish say before the game ‘He told his players to get STUCK in there’. If you were watching the game live like i did you would see that taylor went studs up in the challenge and had no intention of tackling eduardo but injuring him. Even after the tackle taylor was grinning at his scummy challenge before he saw eduardo’s leg broken in two and looked gloomy faced at the extent of his evil challenge.

    Eduardo career may be over because of this vicious act so i say taylor should be banned for life and the FA should get tough on teams like birmingham.

    My prayers go out to Eduardo and i hope he has a full speedy recovery.

    Dan Smith on Abou Diaby
    Players always trying to take out Hleb
    The list goes on……

  6. jamsywhamsy

    I’m not an avid soccer fan, but I heard the news and saw the picture. Gawd, it was horrible. I felt so sick in my tummy looking at it. I sincerely pray and hope he recovers soon. I can only imagine the pain he felt… goodness gracious! T_T

  7. LLoyd Condie

    i’m a man utd fan and hate arsenal. but eduardo is a supreme talent and i hope the lad can resume to playing football soon enough. but the thing is, teams like birmingham need to come out and get stuck into teams like arsenal and man utd. they dont stand a chance if they sit back. and i realise that it was unacceptable and evil but teams like that need that kind of attitude to stand a chance. and that attitude paid off as they got a result. good luck to the lad as i hope he can sink england again next year as i am from scotland and support man utd because of the legend himself sir alex.

  8. Seb

    To Mike
    You say that only teams like Birmingham do this.
    A : He had no intension to hurt
    B : You can hardly talk. You comment as though Arsenal players never do it. What was it that they did to Nani again. And what, 50 yards away from the ball.(I guess that it was just an attempt to get the ball because Arsenal NEVER intend to kick people do they)

  9. Rory

    the leg break was really bad but as if martin taylor doesent feel bad enough i dont think he should be taking so much stick challeenges go in every day in football and some are really bad and could be potential leg breakers but nobody says anything about those players. get well eduardo

  10. aj

    Seriously, this was an absolutely horrific challenge, there is no two ways about it, but Taylor obviously did NOT intend to do this to Eduardo. Its an unbeliveable accident, and I can only hope we see Eduardo up and playing again, it would be such a shame for this to end his career so early.

    As for the comments about teams in the lower end of the league doing this is as a tactic, yes they have to play hard, and yes there is a difference in skill which can result in defenders mistiming challenges as someone skips past them, it does not mean they INTEND TO HURT.

    Im sure Taylor is beside himself with guilt on this one, and Wenger was absolutely right to retract his comments, I wouldn’t say he was a better man in my view, because he should have never made them. As for the online petitions to get Taylor banned for life. Come on people. It was an accident. Lets concentrate on the real issue here and hope Eduardo returns.

  11. chunkie1

    OMG MIKE you must be arsene wenger in disguise, because you dont seem to ever see when your own players “get stuck in”!!. this is a terrible accident and nothing more, as for blaming the lower teams for using tactis like this because they “are not on your level” is ridiculous as nearly any team in the premiership on there day can beat the so called BIG GUNS, instaed of blaming taylor and every one else it seems you should look a little more closely at your own team and the antics that they get up to.

    As for eduardo i wish him a speedy recovery, he is young and strong and im sure he will be back playing again

  12. Tom

    Mike – You say that Birmingham are not at your level.. i seem to remember it being a 2-2 draw.. and taylor didnt set out to hurt the lad his tackle was a little late, And Eduardo pulling the ball back didnt help..

    Hope for a speedy recovery Ed

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