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Apologies and Mascarenhas

It’s been a slow week here on The Sight is in End, for which we apologise. I have been knee deep with Uni work, and would rather write something that I’m proud of and spend some time on, rather than trying to knock something out quickly. What I can tell you is that I’m currently watching England try and save the one-day series against New Zealand, and it promises to be a fine game indeed.

In fact, I will make one point. England need to utilise Dimitri Mascarenhas much, much more than they have done so far.

In Napier, where we had one of the most entertaining ODIs England have ever played in certainly and on a fast pitch, he bowled two overs and didn’t even bat, even when England had plenty of wickets in hand in their remaining overs, and were in the search for boundaries. The way Collingwood was thrashing it through the leg-side and beyond the short boundary, you wonder whether he could have done the same, and maybe put the game beyond New Zealand’s reach.

Of course, maybe I’m fixed on the Mascarenhas we see as an explosive and talented Twenty20 player, as shown in Auckland. Still, for a decent all-rounded like him, two overs and a number eight position almost makes his place in the side pointless.


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Harbhajan Race Row: A New Zealander’s View

If there’s one misguided, horrifying comment post about the Harbhajan Row, it’s this one (taken from press.co.nz) by Matt Rickens of the Walkato Times:


Let me quote the first paragraph for you, followed by the picture used:

Puffy bright lips, round face surrounded by masses of hair and a dark complexion … to me, Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds looks like a primate.

Not many could look at this picture of a spider monkey and see no resemblance to Symonds. In fact, you might reasonably ask which is which?

I don’t mean it in a racist way, but he actually does look like a monkey. It’s not because of his skin colour, although that is obviously a contributing factor.”




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